Lectures: Harald Oberhofer (17 hits)

Workshops, conferences and other events, 15.06.2021 16:00, https://blog.fiw.ac.at/fiw-trade-talks-what-next-for-the-global-trading-system/
Organised by: Centre of Excellence "Research Centre International Economics"
FIW Trade Talks is a series of events organised by the Research Centre International Economics (FIW). International economic researchers or high-level policy makers are interviewed on current topics in international economics and economic policy.
Organised by: Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research
Vortrag, Alpbach, 23.8.-3.9.2020, https://2020.alpbach.org/events/131
Organised by: European Forum Alpbach
in: 8. Konferenz für Sozial- und Wirtschaftsdaten
Organised by: German Data Forum